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this is my cat

more stuff bout me

favorite foods:
annie's pasta
cheese perrogi's
dim sum

favorite books:
the guardian's of flame series by joel rosenberg
armor and vampire$ both by john steakley
the war of the chtorr series by david gerold
einstein's dreams by alan lightman

personal heroes:
albert einstein
dennis muren
tim burton
jackie chan

got stuff?
wallace and gromit, aerobies, patches,
gargoyles, legos, mineral eggs, quotes,
director's cuts, badges, concrete by
darkhorse, origami books, zip disks,
japanese swords and pocket knives.

wow i dig that...
ani difranco, godzilla stuff, work bonuses,
bleeding edge hardware, eastern philosophy,
mag flashlights, shadowrun, laser pointers,
ba speakers (thanks colin!), bermuda beaches,
computer books, simplicity, my buddies townhouse,
newport mansions and ri diners.

ggrrr... pet peeves
os2, flat tires and icy roads, strobes,
bad sushi, bungie jumping, dress codes,
ignorance, bk's fries, and pous.
(pous - "potholes of unusal size")

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