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who am i?

my credo:
"there is nothing you must know,
there is nothing you must do,
there is nothing you must be,
and there is nothing you must become
but it's good to know that fire burns
and when it rains you might get wet."

who does he think he is?!
my name is tom damour and i work here at iris associates as a part of the "nasa team". not nasa as in men in space, but nasa as in "Network and System Administration."

my sanctuary - "post cleaning"

so what does that all mean?
well, i get to dig up lost and forsaken cables, rescue untamed mice, setup silly macs, report on new funky hardware, create and break image clones, listen to ani difranco, delete pesky user accounts, torture hapless plants, setup network stuff, kick os/2 servers into shape, disassemble old drives, hoard old driver diskettes (yes the 3.5"'s), hang xmas lights, move heavy monitors, leap empty boxes in a single bound and still manage to squeeze in an occasional super-sized #3 with a chocolate shake...

got laptop?
hmmmm... laptops... i also manage the iris laptops. configuring new laptops, old laptops, testing laptops, cussing at laptops, ordering and purchasing laptops... i do it all.


what do i do for fun?
for fun... wtf's that?! they DO let me out sometimes. i don't stay here ALL the time. ok, i don't stay that late... err.. that much... err.. that often... anyway, what do i do for fun.. well there's always computer games like darkstone. but i am one to marvel more at the technology than the actual game itself. and while my co-workers engage in bloody unreal tourney deathmatches (team deathmatch is cool too) every wed nite. i am still patiently waiting for wizardy8 and diablo2.

when i am not working and i just want to relax, i'll often take road trips down to newport, rhode island or into the city for a night on the town. i'll crank the tunes, ani difranco and samplings from the nields although some nites i need something a bit more hardcore, like my buddies band canister.. to vent out a weeks worth of cable sorting and system crashes... unfortunately this can lead to some pretty late nights...

tom on funky hardware.
hmm.. technology more than anything i love to go to computer shows! yeah, 1ghz, 1gig o'rdram, fibre channel, glaze3d action... yeah right, in my dreams... but when it comes to 3d madness my home-grown system can't really compare to my mighty tweaked out p3/800 that sits on my desk at work...

got stuff?
aside from computer stuff... i like to collect stuff. i used to be "addicted" to the collectible trading card game, magic: the gathering... i've been mixing up with digital audio - mp3 and mini-disc stuff.

want more?
click HERE for more stuff about me.

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